SweFolk's three projects

To increase the possibility of a recurring project with long-term and lasting results, we have tied a Swedish participation at Folk Alliance to three different sub-projects. Each separate project works on its own but together they complement and strengthen each other.

  1. SweFolk at House of Songs. International Songwriting Camp hosted by The House of Songs in Austin. (Feb 7 – Feb 15)
  2. SweFolk at Folk Alliance (FAI) in Kansas City. A Swedish stage, showcases, panels, booth and more at FAI. (Feb 17 – Feb 21)
  3. SweFolk In The Round Ttour in Sweden with some of the artists who've participated at House of Songs and FAI. (Aug 7 – Sep).

Dates of the overall project 2016

  • Jan 28 to Feb 16. ODE tour in North America.
  • Feb 7 to Feb 14. SweFolk at Hours of Songs in Austin, Texas.
  • Feb 16. Preparation and rehearsals in Kansas City.
  • Feb 17 to Feb 20. SweFolk at Folk Alliance with showcases, workshops, booth and panels.
  • Feb 21. Final Concert with THOS international writing camp.
  • Spring 2016. Digital release of a compilation record.
  • Aug 7 to Sep 4. In The Round tour in Sweden starting at Stockhom Folk Festiva and finishing at Live at Heart.
  • Autumn 2016.  Premiere of the documentary.

Combinded goals for all SweFolk projects

  • That prior to FAI 2017 have at least three Swedish artists whose North American tours pass via FAI.
  • That at least three lasting artistic relationships are built between Swedish and North American artists.
  • That the three Swedish songwriters are involved in co-writes of at least fifteen new songs.
  • That we have created a growing interest in Swedish folk music in North America. Measured by an increase in  more request from festivals, venues and other presenters that enables live performances in North America.
  • That we create a digital catalog with the relevant contacts we have built a relationship with North America. A directory is made available to organizations in Sweden's working to further establish Swedish folk music in North America.
  • That at least five In The Round stages are established in Sweden.
  • The most important goal is that SweFolk at Folk Alliance and the sub-projects will be a success in a way that all parties want to do it again and be a part of SweFolk at Folk Alliance 2017 so that we can keeep building and create a continuity.

Artistic quality and export maturity

The selection will be made in the form of a invitation to all professional music groups and performers in folk and folk-inspired music and made by a neutral and transparent peer group. For the project's potential to become long-term, it is hugely important that we present high artistic value and export mature artists. Therefore we have set up a number of guiding criteria.

A credible and comprehensive selection process that sets clear requirements not only on high artistic level but also on export readiness (e.g. artist should preferably already be represented by someone with international ambitions).

  • The participating artists are clearly driven, engaged and willing to work hard to expand their network at the festival.
  • The participating artists clearly can signal their artistic ambition and innovation.
  • The participating artists are on their way up in their career.
  • That there is a, yet to be concurred, international market for the artist.
  • That the artist has the ability to confidently perform on stage.
  • That the artist exclusively presents contemporary new original Swedish music.


Each sub-project is documented in text, still image and movie. We invest a lot in documentation and media coverage with an accompanying journalist, photographers and filmmakers. We are convinced that the attention created surrounding SweFolks projects will attract new partners and will help in securing a continuation of SweFolks projects.