SweFolk's Partners

We're very proud of our long-term partners making SweFolk and it's projects possible.
Please contact us if you're interested in supporting our project as a whole or one of the sub-projects. We will tailor your sponsorship to suit your needs and requirements. We are open to monetary contributions (large and small) and/or relevant product and service support.

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Export Music Sweden (ExMS)

Export Music Sweden is an organization based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded by the music industry associations: STIM, SAMI and IFPI/SOM. It's mission is to help Swedish artists, musicians, organizations, labels and publishers promote their music internationally. ExMS works with all kinds of genres to widen the range of Swedish music abroad. Part of  its role is to attend international fairs to showcase Swedish music, and to provide training to infuse as much know-how as possible to the industry.


STIM is a Swedish collective management organization for music creators and publishers. On their behalf, STIM administers and licenses performing and mechanical rights to music and lyrics. Through its international network, STIM also manages the rights to the worldwide repertoire of music. 

STIM is a non-profit organization representing 75, 000 songwriters, composers, text authors and music publishers worldwide. STIM was founded in 1923 and has since 2012 its headquarters in Stockholm.

Folk Alliance International

FAI’s annual conference is the world’s largest gathering of the folk music industry drawing 2,500 artists, agents, managers, presenters, and media from over 20 countries representing the highest level of touring talent in the market. Delegates gather to hear new works, discover emerging talent, share ideas and resources, persue professional development, network and connect, and celebrate the legends and leaders in the field of folk music. 

MTA Production

MTA Production AB is a production company specialized on creating, producing and booking tours and concerts. The company has grown into a creative booking agency that now deals with anything that might be necessary to gain artistic success. Today MTA Production has all the requirements to successfully handle tours, marketing and album releases. MTA Production exclusively works with around 80 artists or concepts. 

House of Songs

The House of Songs is an exchange program for songwriters Founded in 2009, in Austin Texas, by musician and producer Troy Campbell. THOS not only organizes collaborations in the house in Austin but also worldwide. E.g. the Swedish part of The House of Songs led by Michael Blair organized the project Ice Music / City of Songs together with the city of Luleå. By pairing talented and committed artists from different countries THOS promotes and stimulates the creation of original timeless works.


Bose is one of the world’s leading producers of professional audio systems, headphones and home audio systems and speakers

Gibson Brands Inc

Gibson is one of the biggest and probably the most well known guitar manufacturer in world.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committte

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee is a government agency. Our function is to support artists who work within the areas of visual art, design, music, dance,  theatre and film. We award grants and allowances and promote international cultural exchange. In addition, we compile information on the financial and social conditions of artists.

Live at Heart

Live at heart is Sweden's largest international showcase festival with over 200 bands playing at 20 venues in central Örebro during four days. Live at Heart wants to be a meeting place for musicians and music industry but also for musicians and the audience. Since 2014, it has also been a meeting place for the music and the film industry.

Stockholm Folk Festival

A festival that presents organic living and playful music. A scene that serves as a window via media, towards the outside world and gives this type of music more exposure and a higher status. SFF wants people to experience positives vibes that occur when multicultural music and creativity meet. SFF wants to be a good example of the “New Sweden”. Anyone who visits the festival takes a stand for diversity! The festival has a 50/50% gender booking policy.

Tom Levin

Tom Levin is a songwriter and artist, has extensive experience in international project managing, and is the initiator of SweFolk. Tom Levin has released six albums. He's won "Male Artist of the Year" at New Music Awards in the USA and in 2015 he won Live at Heart's Songwriting Award. One U.S. music writer called his latest album "Them Buffalo" the best album of 2014. Parallel with his artistry Tom works as creator with both national and international projects, as graphic designer, as e-commerce strategist, with advertising and as a film producer.