SweFolk In The Round Tour

"In The Round" tour in August and September in 2016 with some of the participants from SweFolk at House of Songa and SweFolk at Folk Alliance. The tour begins at Stockholm Folk Festival and ends at Live at Heart. We will use teasers from the documentary and the compilation album recorded during the FAI to market the tour.

"In The Round" (ITR) is a common concept in North America where three to four artists sit on stage at the same time and take turns playing songs. They spontaneously join each other and it's a great set up for collaboration between artists. And it creates an intimate ambience often resulting in a dialogue with the audience. We think ITR fits very well with the overall concept of the project and during the tour we will work with the local stages to encourage them to embrace the concept and hopefully start their own ITR stage.

Live at Heart, we will present a panel / workshop with the Swedish and American participants where we, to inspire, will present the In The Round concept. 

SweFolk in collaboration with 

Export Music Sweden, MTA Production, Live at Heart and Stockholm Folk Festival.